Cover Your Tracks - Stereoscopic Edition (3 colour)

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I am very proud to announce the first of the pieces from my brand new, experimental 3D Stereoscopic Collection.

The collection is printed at the Jacknife silkscreen print house in the centre of Bristol. The design was previously released as a small, digital 3D printed edition which couldn’t satisfy the demand.

If you missed it then, now is your chance to own your own 3D print, which happens to be my first ever design that I've printed myself.

This initial print will introduce you to the magic of the technique and buying into the stereoscopic collection supports the manufacture and creation of more 3D goodness.

The first five sold will arrive with an extra pair of strong 3D glasses, as well as two cardboard glasses for your viewing pleasure

LIMITED EDITION OF NINE signed and numbered by the artist

NONE remain

420mm x 594mm
Red, Blue and Black ink on heavy white stock